Japan Creative Contents Alliance is the leading global authority in media protection across all platforms. Representing a diverse array of content owners, licensors, licensees, and distributors, JCCA’s mission is to provide support, protect, and promote the safe and legal access of various media and entertainment content. By closely monitoring the assets of its clients, JCCA is not only able to successfully maintain the quality of content, but also what consumers have come to expect; an unadulterated entertainment experience.


Formed to help protect intellectual property rights for the benefit of all stakeholders including consumers, JCCA’s primary purpose is to disrupt illegal, infringing distribution of entertainment content.

It is JCCA’s goal to terminate infringement of our clients’ intellectual properties, without regard to whether infringement results from willful acts or ignorance of the law.

By drawing a line in the sand, we hope to enhance the safe, legal distribution of content that respects the creators and stakeholders associated with that content as well as the end-users who have come to expect the highest levels of quality.


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